Russian Scam

Russian Scam (also known as Dating Scam) is a widespread criminal scheme many people have suffered from. You meet someone over the Internet and this someone claims to be a beautiful Russian woman (or Ukrainian, Belarussian etc etc). You correspond with this person (often it's a man, not a woman actually) and one day (sometimes in few days, sometimes in few months) you are asked to send money to her to buy a visa and airplane tickets to come to visit you, to help her poor mother "who is ill and at hospital" etc etc etc. Needless to say, once you send money this person disappears (alternatively you may be asked for more money transfers).

It is not our purpose to provide you with detailed anti-scam manual, - there are plenty of web-sites dedicated to this type of scam. The real goal is to provide you with a quickly updated database of names, email addresses and street addresses the scammers use. As a flower delivery service we are usually the first to know about new aliases used by scam people. ALL addresses and names used here come from the database of our attempted deliveries, if you see some name here then we had an order to this person /to this address/ and the address turned out to be bogus when our florist attempted to deliver the flowers.

If you meet someone on the Internet and have never seen this person in the reality, please check this list prior to placing your order. We reserve the right not to issue any refund if your order could not be fulfilled due to a fake address. If you do not see this person in the list but still have some doubts, you are welcome to place your order with us, it's a good way to find if this person is real. But keeping in mind our non-refund policy you may wish to send some inexpensive bouquet with your first order.

We do not list the photos of scammers. We reserve the right not to respond to requests for details on each specific delivery. We do not provide information on the senders as we respect customers' privacy. We do not add additional information to this database upon your request. We cannot fulfill requests for further investigation. If you have any questions or believe some name appeared here by mistake, please contact us at You may wish to view the whole list but we suggest using the search tool instead. Make your search query short, for instance when looking for "Olya Kirpichnikov", use "Kirpich" or "Kirpichnikova" as your query, not the full name as there may be variations. When looking up this address "Russia, 424000, , Tver, Podolskih Kursantov 4-99", enter a part of the street name as your search query, for example you may search for "Kursant" etc.

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