How To Order Flowers To Russia

To order flowers on our site, you have to select the bouquet you prefer and go over to the page of this specific bouquet by clicking the thumbnail picture or the Order button. There you will find the description of the bouquet you have selected and will be able to select the price out of several options presented, and, for some bouquets - to selected the color preferred Afterwards, the "Order" button should be clicked. On the following page, there will be presented various supplements to flowers, and you may choose to attach one of them , or to attach nothing at all and go over to the order form by pressing the "Order" button. On the page to come you will have to fill in the form presented, providing as much information, as possible, at that the fields marked by asterisk are to be filled in obligatorily. Answering all the questions will add to the timely delivery of the order.

Payment by a credit card. Visa, EC/MC and MIR are accepted for payment. In case you prefer this way of payment, having clicked the "Order" button, you will see a page, where your credit card data, i.e. the card number and the expiration date, are to be submitted. The card number is to be entered without gaps. The payment is conducted by the secure SSL-connection (read more about it in FAQ), established by our server and Assist payment system. Https -protocol, on which you transaction is authorized, makes your transaction secure. You can check our SSL certificate, issued by Thawte, on the very page where your credit card info is to be submitted or another secure page, my clicking the sign at the bottom of your browser. Having entered your credit card info and pressed the "Order" button, you are to wait until the page with authorization result has loaded. The message of the successful transaction implies that the card has been charged (the money is withdrawn at the moment of authorization) and the order will be delivered. In case the transaction has been unsuccessful, you are to contact us or your bank. You are to receive a message with authorization results and the copy of your order at the e-mail address you provided.

Credit cards processed by Assist company.

Electronic Payment System

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