Flowers In Russia

Some Russian customs You should know before sending flowers to your friend in Russia

It's custom in Russia to send uneven number of flowers except for Funeral/Simpathy arrangments. Simpathy and Funeral arrangments must be composed of even number of flowers. This rule is not very strict when you are sending mixed arrangments but very important when you're sending one-of-a-kind arrangment, a bouquet of roses, for example.

Some people consider yellow flowers to signify betrayal, jealousy or "the end of relationship". We encourage sending yellow roses simply because they look so gorgeous, but make sure that the recepient will react correctly. Yellow roses also mean friendship, wealth, "happy life".

Language of flowers in Russia doesn't differ much from the one in Europe and America. Send roses when you're in love, send something bright and multicolor to support your friend when s/he is ill, send while lilies or carnations as Simpathy arrangment. And do not hesitate to email us and we will be happy to help you to chose an arrangment suitable for your needs.

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