Flower Facts

Here are some interesting flower facts from the Guiness World Records book.

The largest flower in the world

The orange, brown, and white parasite (Rafflesia arnoldi) has the largest flowers. These attach themselves to the cissus vines of the jungles of Southeast Asia. They measure up to 91 cm. (3 ft.) across, weighing up to 11 kg. (24 lb.).

The longest flower line

From November 3–5, 1997, 370 students at the Agricultural Education Centre, Clusius College of Alkmaar, The Netherlands, with help from 146 volunteers, created a flower line 1,965 m. (6,446 ft.) long, using 185,400 flowers.

The smelliest flower

Amorphophallus titanum, known as the corpse flower, is the smelliest flower on Earth. When it blooms, it releases an odor similar to that of rotten flesh, which can be smelled from a distance of 800 m. (880 yd.).

The largest bouquet

The Missouri Botanical Garden created a bouquet of 28,801 mixed flowers measuring 18.28 m. (60 ft.) long, at the Gardens Kemper Center in St Louis, Missouri, USA, on April 26, 1998.

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