Flowers Delivery FAQ

Please, read these chapters for information on privacy, delivery, substitution, cancellation and floral customs in Russia. Contact us at if you have not found an answer to your question.

Privacy FAQ - covers privacy and security issues
Delivery Information - how to make sure your order arrives in time
Substitution Policy - read about substitution prior to ordering
Cancellation Policy - how to cancell or change your order, refund policy
National Customs FAQ - floral customs in Russia


My card account has been charged but the flowers will be delivered tomorrow only. Why did you take my money before the product has been delivered?
A credit card is charged real-time when you press "Submit Securely" button on the payment server and receive an email notification from our payment gateway provider

Guys, I placed an order yesterday and I want to add chocolates to my order now. Just charge my card for extra $10
For your protection we do not store your credit card information on our server. The information is deleted after the transaction has been completed. Consequently we cannot charge your credit card again later. It is still possible to make changes and to add something to your order later but we would need to re-submit your credit card information. Contact us and we will solve this problem.

I do not see the town I want to send flowers to in your delivery list. Does it mean you do not deliver there?
Basically we deliver almost everywhere in Russia and other countries serviced. If the desired destination is not in our list that most likely means that some extra fee for distant delivery fee would apply. Contact us and we will answer all your questions ASAP. The amount of the distant delivery fee varies according to the distance, weather and geographical conditions.

Do you deliver in Yekaterinburg (Tyumen, Moscba etc)?
Names of Russian cities can be spelled differently. Since there is no strict rule for transliteration of names from Russian to English characters there are many ways to write a name of a Russian city.

Can you take a photo of my friend with the flowers?
At present we provide such a service, but unfortunately not over the whole territory of our flowers delivery service yet. The flowers are delivered by professional florists and sometimes they do not agree to provide this service. We'll refund the amount you paid for the photo in case it is not possible. You'll be able to choose this service later after the delivery destination city is specified. Please check the list of the cities where this service is available.

Could you let me know if this address is correct and this person lives there?
Unfortunately we do not provide such a service. Often informational service do not provide this information. The only way to make sure an address is correct is to go to this building and to check if the person lives there. The florist will inform us if the address is incorrect. Note that we do not refund if delivery could not be done because of incorrect address.

I ordered some flowers for my friend whom I met on the Internet and today I received an email from you saying that this person does not live there (the address is fake etc.) How could this happen?
Please visit these pages containing information on the criminal scheme known as Russian Scam.

The price listed on your web-site was $100, but when I received my credit card account statement I found that I was charged $102 ($98). How could it happen?
All prices on this site are listed in US dollars (USD). If you purchase products on-line with a credit card, our credit card processing company converts the USD list price to an equivalent amount in Russian rubles before charging your credit card in Russian rubles. Your credit card company will then convert these charges on your credit card account using your local currency. If your credit card account currency is other than Russian rubles the final amount charged to your card by your bank may differ slightly from the list price due to small fluctuations in your bank's currency exchange rates. Neither you should pay extra if the ammount charged was less than the list price, nor we can be held responsible if your bank charged you slightly more according to it's own conversion rate.

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