To enroll in our affiliate program you need to take two simple steps.

1. Sign up. You should choose your login and password and also the way you prefer to receive your payment. The options available for affiliates located outside of Russia are: Western Union or MoneyGram transfers, Webmoney, Credit to your Credit Card Account. If you choose to be paid to your credit card accoubt, you won't have to provide any card details right away. For security purposes we will contact you for your credit card details only before wiring the funds to your credit card account. For the other two options you will be asked for the additional information necessary while signing up.

2. Place the link you receive upon registration on your web-pages.

You will be receiving 10% of the total amount of the orders placed by customers who found our web-site by following your affiliate link. If a customer doesn't place an order right away but returns within 365 days you will still earn the comission.

Our web-interface will provide you with the statistics on the number of orders placed by the customers who found us by following your link and will show the commission earned. The payment is issued whenever you want but the amount of the comission earned should exceed 10 UD dollars if you receive payment to your credit card or to your Webmoney wallet and 50 dollars if you prefer to receive Western Union or MoneyGram transfers. All transfer fees will be deducted from the amount sent.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our affiliate program manager at We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to help you with proper link placement.

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